Bloodwork Services for Pets

Our veterinarians and RVTs are definitely “pet whisperers” in their own right. But, there are certain factors about your pet’s health that even their keen eyes cannot detect. This is when diagnostic exams like bloodwork come into play. They help us obtain and analyze key info about your pet’s health. Call us at 905.685.7349 for more details about our bloodwork services.

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What can you find out from my pet’s bloodwork?

The most common type of veterinary bloodwork gives us insight about your pet’s CBC or Complete Blood Count. From this, we can learn about their immune system, the presence of certain diseases/parasites/infections, oxygen levels, hydration and blood clotting capabilities. 

Why would the vet order bloodwork for my pet?

Bloodwork is usually part of a complete wellness exam so we can get baseline levels of your pet’s health and as a precautionary step for any undiagnosed conditions that show no visible signs. If your pet is displaying symptoms like fever, diarrhea, vomiting and more, the doctor may request bloodwork as part of their diagnosis process to ensure the best treatment or medications are prescribed. 

Is bloodwork painful for pets?

Not at all. Most patients do not need to be sedated when getting their blood drawn. (But it can be requested for anxious pets.) Your furry friend may feel a slight pinch once the needle is inserted, and the area may be a bit sore and swollen for a few hours after. 

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