Laser Therapy Services for Pets

Laser beams are no longer just the stuff of comic book stories. They are proven therapies for inflammation, chronic pain, injury, post-op complications and more! Find out how laser therapy can help your dogs, cats and other pets by giving us a call at 905.685.7349.

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Do pets need anesthesia during laser therapy? 

Not at all. It is 100% pain-free and non-invasive. We ensure your furry friend (and our staff) wear protective gear during treatments to prevent any kind of damage to their eyes and other parts of the body not included in the targeted area. 

Which pets can benefit from laser therapy?

If your pet has gone through an injury, surgical operation, arthritis, or cannot take certain medications, then laser therapy is a great alternative! These are just some of the indications for laser therapy. We would be happy to explain more during a consultation. 

How does pet laser therapy work?

The light waves emitted from the laser wand causes cells and tissues to be altered in a positive way. Depending on the intensity, the light beams can be absorbed by the skin, and deeper into your pet’s muscles and bones. Ultimately, the treatment speeds up healing, reduces inflammation, increases oxygen levels and blood flow. It also causes endorphin release.

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