Microchipping Services for Pets

Collars are effective and can be stylish too, but if you want an even more secure ID option for your pet, then microchipping is the way to go. These small rice-grain-sized devices are placed inside your pet. They last a lifetime and can be updated with your most current contact info, along with your pet’s key health info. Call us at 905.685.7349 for more details. 

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How do pet microchips work?

In case your pet gets lost and is found by a veterinary hospital or animal rescue group, their microchip can be scanned and your contact info can be extracted from the device. This way, those who find your pet can contact you right away. They can also make the appropriate accommodations for your pet based on the health info that is also embedded in the microchip. 

Can pet microchips break?

The chips are made from materials compatible with your pet’s body. They are designed to last a lifetime. That being said, there are very rare instances where the chip can malfunction. We typically do microchip checks during your pet’s annual wellness exam to make sure everything is working properly. 

Will my pet be in any pain when they are microchipped?

No. For patients, the sensation is similar to getting any other injection. Teams usually make a very small incision or use an injector-type device to insert the chip. It is typically placed in between the collarbones and no sedation is needed. But, if you have a particularly anxious pet, please let us know. We can make the necessary preparations ahead of time.

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