Veterinary Exams

For us, annual checkups with our doctor are important to stay as healthy as possible. For our vehicles, getting regular tune-ups is key to preventing any malfunctions. The same principle applies to your furry family members. Annual or twice a year exams (if they are senior age) are a cornerstone of their healthcare routine. Checkups help us detect any conditions early on, monitor your pet’s development, and keep track of their pre-existing issues. Call us today to book your next visit. 

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What happens during a veterinary exam?

Here at Hartzel, we take a personalized approach to healthcare. This means each visit and care plan will differ from patient to patient, catered to their unique needs. Most veterinary exams consist of the following: 

  • Conversation between owner and vet about the pet’s routine, habits, diet, exercise, urination, etc. 
  • Tip to tail visual check 
  • Review any vaccinations/parasite protection medications needed 
  • Diagnostic Tests such as urine/fecal sampling, bloodwork, X-rays and ultrasounds (only if the vet thinks further analysis is needed) 
  • The vet will make recommendations on diet, lifestyle changes, supplements, medications and treatments 

Do you accept walk-ins?

As much as possible, we prefer to book consultations in advance. However, if your pet needs urgent care, please do not hesitate to take them to our practice. If possible, please call ahead of time so we can prepare for your arrival.

How can I help my pet prepare for their visit to the vet?

We will let you know in advance if we need you to bring in urine/stool samples or if your pet needs to be fasted before their appointment. It is also a good idea to take note of any questions you may have about your pet, and specifics on the types of food they eat as well as any changes in behaviour or appearance that you have noticed. If your pet has any behaviour issues (e.g. aggression, anxiety) it may also be a good idea to let us know in advance. Giving them treats, extra hugs and other positive reinforcement may be a good way to reduce their stress levels.

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